Stuck Poop? Use this tip from Top NYC Gut Doc (Do This Daily)

Most doctors are clueless when it comes to treating constipation!

We’ve been told to “just eat more fiber”, “take laxatives” and “take probiotics”.

However, according to Dr. Gina Sam - NYC’s Top “Gut Doctor” - these common recommendations may be making your “poop problem” WORSE. 

Accounting to Dr. Sam, there is ONE SINGLE “root cause” constipation, bloating, weight gain and poor gut health.

And if you’re not on the toilet like clockwork within 30 minutes of waking up, odds are you have 15-20 pounds of sticky, hard, rotting “toxic sludge” lining the walls of your lower intestines.

This “toxic sludge” causes bloating, gas, cramping, fatigue, headaches, brain-fog, and even joint pain.

The good news is, Dr. Sam just released a short educational video revealing the shocking cause of this crippling condition, and the simple solution to eliminate it once and for all...

So you can poop like clockwork every morning.

By simply eliminating this toxic sludge, Dr. Sam has seen thousands of her own patients experience instant relief from years - even decades - of constipation, bloating, gas and crippling digestive issues.

Now, after years of curing the guts of top celebrities, athletes and high-powered executives at her clinic in NYC, Dr. Sam has decided to release an informative (yet controversial) video as a service to the public.

“So many suffering people, simply cannot afford to come to my clinic in New York,” she explains.  “If this short video can help them fix the root cause of their problem and get permanently relief, it will be worth the time and effort.”

UPDATE : After being shared by a few top influencers on Facebook, and featured on news sites like CNN and CBS Healthwatch, this video has gone viral.

Unfortunately that has caught the attention of a few Big Pharma executives who view this life changing, but simple 7-second morning ritual, as a major threat to their profits.

So we are not sure how much longer this presentation will remain available.

Watch Her presentation here

*Individual may vary

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Did you know that a newly discovered "American Parasite" causes bloating, constipation, heartburn, embarrassing gas and unexplained weight gain? It can spread through handshakes, doorknobs, escalator railings, and even infected cooks preparing your food. In this controversial video I explain why probiotics could be making the problem worse. I will also explain how to eradicate this problem for good. Be sure to watch all the way through as there are several surprises, including an animation that shows how these parasites cause you to become backed up and constipated.