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 Deep Cleaning For Your Gut

Give your gut a vacation! Emma’s natural ingredients work hard to eliminate bacterial overgrowth, restore balance to your microbiome and help your body heal itself from the inside out. Emma was designed with the help of prominent New York City gut doctor, Gina Sam M.D. It’s like a pressure wash for your insides.

Key Facts:

Poop out 10-15 pounds of stuck fecal matter

Help your body fight off dangerous parasites and bacterial overgrowth

Stay lean and trim and say goodbye to bloating for good

Effective yet safe and gentle enough for men and women of all ages



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 Deep Cleaning For Your Gut

Doctor Recommended Formula
( 4.5 out of 5)

Give your gut a vacation! Emma’s natural ingredients work hard to eliminate bacterial overgrowth, restore balance to your microbiome and help your body heal itself from the inside out. Emma was designed with the help of prominent New York City gut doctor, Gina Sam M.D. It’s like a pressure wash for your insides.

Key Facts:

Poop out 10-15 pounds of stuck fecal matter

Help your body fight off dangerous parasites and bacterial overgrowth

Stay lean and trim and say goodbye to bloating for good

Effective yet safe and gentle enough for men and women of all ages


Best Value


/ bottle

$594 $234



/ bottle

$292 $147



/ bottle


$99 $59

Your Story Can Be Next

Kimberly H.

"I struggled with constipation and uncomfortable bloating, and fatigue for 20 years. I went to every doctor in my city and tried everything, including laxatives, cleanses, and probiotics.

The cleanses and laxatives gave me relief temporarily... but over time I felt like needed them more and more. And probiotics made my bloating and gassiness even worse.

Emma has been a godsend. It's only been 2 weeks and I'm already pooping like I did as a teenager. Thanks to Emma, for giving me my life back. I can now eat what I want and I'm back in full control of my digestion!"

Lauren S.

"I love eating out with my friends in New York City, especially Asian and Italian foods. Since I turned 30s, I get stomach upset every time after a big meal, especially if I had delicious stuff like pasta, pizza, rice, desserts or ramen. It got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t enjoy eating out with friends anymore. Then I discovered Emma. Now I just take 2 capsules of Emma after I eat, and I never feel the painful bloating or indigestion anymore! It works like magic!"

Kristin H.

"Working out and eating healthy is my passion. But I still get gas and constipation weekly. I eat a lot of veggies and healthy salads so that could be the problem... I heard too much fiber can cause digestive issues... Recently, I tried Emma and all the symptoms went away, not to mention the incredible anti-aging combo of Quercetin and Resveratrol in this formula. Emma is keeping me young and free of digestive upsets. LOVE!!!"

Jessica M.

"Starting with my third pregnancy, I began gaining weight uncontrollably. My cravings for junk just skyrocketed out of control for what I thought was no reason. I tried exercising, but it's really hard when you're also struggling with fatigue and depression, and not wanting to leave the house or be seen in public.

I was really scared that I was losing my body permanently, and our romantic life was suffering because of it.

A friend I really trusted turned me onto Emma, and I haven't looked back since. First - the uncontrollable cravings are GONE. I have more energy and clarity. I'm more in control. I've lost 15 pounds already in just 2 months, I make better choices, I can think and no longer have these nasty 'gut bugs' making decisions for me. Thanks Emma!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotics have exploded in popularity over the last decade. So why has our gut health continued to get worse over the same time period?

Probiotics, in theory, are great.

However, there's an important piece of the puzzle nobody is talking about.

To get the full benefits of probiotics, they have to travel through the hostile acidic environment in your stomach.

And the good bacteria that do survive only make it to your small intestine, which is not where they're supposed to be.

You see, your gut microbiome is much deeper and resides in the large intestine.

So if you’re suffering from digestive issues like constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, it means you've got too many organisms in your small intestine already, which should be clean.

You might say taking a probiotic is like feeding a gang of violent criminals a five course meal before they rob and destroy everything they see. That's why sometimes when you take a probiotic you actually feel worse.

And the more archaea grow inside you, the more methane gas builds up in your body, slowing down your poop speed and causing constipation, bloating, painful cramps and embarrassing gas.

What makes Emma so different from probiotics is that it follows a proven 3 step gut cleansing and healing protocol.

First, Emma wages war on archaea, other bad bacteria, even parasites and their eggs, effectively a deep cleaning where you need it the most.

It then goes to work supporting health promoting, metabolism boosting, friendly flora in your gut microbiome while healing and repairing your gut lining.

And lastly, Emma lubricates your digestive tract so that poop can practically slide out smoothly with a feeling of “complete release” while unclogging your colon and eliminating the built-up “stuck poop” from inside you.

The best part is, it's safe, gentle and made from 100% natural ingredients.

The main function of Emma is to help you enjoy “perfect poops” on a daily basis by naturally restoring balance to your gut environment while healing and repairing your gut lining.

That being said, we get hundreds of emails from happy Emma customers who have noticed it can also have a slimming effect on your body as well.

The weight loss effect is more of a pleasant side effect, and it works through improving cellular processes that happen inside the body.

Let me explain...

When your body stores fat, it’s directly related to how well you digest and metabolize food.

The key to Emma's fat burning is its ability to activate the AMPK Pathway - the body's master metabolic switch.

For most people under normal resting conditions, AMPK is in “silent mode”, even though it’s always there.

This is an ancient metabolic switch that evolved for millions of years and it controls how well our bodies turn food into energy.

After all, if all of your food was turned into energy there would be nothing left to be stored as fat.

This powerful switch boosts fat-burning by supercharging the functions of mitochondria -- the energy powerhouses -- in our cells.

Our mitochondria is responsible for ramping cellular energy production, and are central to many systems in the body.

Just think about it, if the cells burn more energy, your body will burn more fat. It’s really that simple.

Emma also aims to reduce fat storage by blocking the fat storage enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, as well.

All of the ingredients in Emma are generally recognized as safe. It's free from any dangerous drugs, there's no stimulants, there's no weird cleansing or laxatives, nothing that is going to cause dependence or addiction.

Above and beyond that, the three primary ingredients berberine, resveratrol and quercetin have all been shown to extend lifespan in clinical animal studies.

The unique combination of ingredients is designed to converge on AMPK regulation on mitochondrial oxidative stress - a primary cause of aging.

This supports the future possibility that Emma has use even as an anti-aging supplement through antioxidation and AMPK cellular kinase activation, although that hasn't really been our focus since Emma is so good at helping with digestion, reducing bloating, full elimination, and saying goodbye to cravings for good.

And that's really the mission - to bring awareness to this, its a silent epidemic affecting millions - and for once say its ok to talk about these things.

Food allergies are a sign that undigested waste product is leaking into the bloodstream, getting pushed out into the tissues, where it's being seen as a foreign invader.

This causes an allergic reaction like hives, redness, itching, or swelling. It causes fatigue because your body now has to expend energy to clean it up, and it can also get into the joints causing stiffness and pain too.

When you see those people that can eat whatever they want and still have a six pack it means they have an extremely strong microbiome. You see, the human body in its natural form is actually amazing and you can digest almost any food on this planet without distress.

But over time, the microbiome becomes degraded, invaders take hold, you lose your ability to process certain foods, and pretty soon you're listing your allergies to the waiter, or avoiding this and that.

And it has nothing to do with you personally, it's literally a damaged microbiome it isn't a permanent condition.

You see, many of our customers have found that after taking Emma their skin problems have started to clear up, and now they enjoy ice cream again…

They can have bread again…

They can have eggs again…

And now food doesn't make them sleepy like it used to.

You’ll be able to enjoy eating your favorite foods again without digestive discomfort, your mood is improved, you have more mental clarity, more energy and it's really nice.

Really, the best way to find out if Emma will work for you is to pick one of the packages below and just give it a shot. Again, you're not really making a decision today, you can try it out, experience the benefits, and THEN decide if it's for you. You're always protected by our ironclad 90 day guarantee.

Emma is very effective at treating bloating and constipation.

You see, uncomfortable bloating and constipation primarily come from archaea colonizing the small intestine and producing high levels of methane gas.

Methane gas slows down peristalsis, which is the scientific term for the time your poop travels through your digestive tract.

And the more methane gas your body produces, the more “backed up” and bloated you’re going to be.

Once Emma goes to work and eliminates the methane-producing archaea from your small intestine, it helps restore peristalsis, and gets things moving the way they should again.

Emma also increases the body’s mucus-producing cells in your intestines to provide a slippery substance to help poop pass through easily while unclogging your colon and eliminating the years of stuck poop.

So yes, Emma puts an end to painful constipation, bloating and cramping and I really hope you get a chance to experience it for yourself.

You might be shocked how well it works for bloating and constipation.

Diarrhea and constipation are 2 sides of the same coin. If you have diarrhea you also have constipation. I know it might sound counterintuitive, so I'll break it down for you.

Archaea and other parasites use your digestive system to suit their own needs. What they do most of the time is slow down peristalsis to increase their own feeding time.

And depending on your health, your hormones, and how long you've had the problem, your body will deal with that situation in one of two ways.

If you're close to the time when the archaea has taken hold, most people's bodies will desperately just try to clear everything out. That's why some people will experience diarrhea too. It's your body trying to just get rid of the problem.

But it's unhealthy to have diarrhea over a long period of time because it causes dehydration. So after a while, your body might give up, let Archaea take over as your body settles into chronic, long term constipation.

And there's also the hormonal component. For example, men have a tendency to lean toward diarrhea, while women tend to lean towards constipation. Some women will even alternate between constipation and diarrhea throughout the month with their menstruation cycle.

And while different people have different responses based on these factors, it doesn't change the fact that you're dealing with an organism who has hijacked your intestines as their own breeding ground.

Of course these bugs can burrow deep into the folds of your intestines and just flushing out the contents of your bowels won’t necessarily get rid of all of them. That’s why it’s important to continue Emma for at least 3-4 months.

That's why we recommend the 3 or 6 month packages, which also give you the biggest discount as well.

Everybody is different and it really depends on how long archaea have lived inside your body and the amount of damage they’ve caused to your digestive system in that time.

Overall, many of our customers start to feel relief like better bowel elimination, less bloating, gas and cramps, fewer food sensitivities, and a lift in your mood within the first 2-3 days.

Some people even say they get relief almost immediately - meaning just a few hours after taking their first dose.

Other changes like weight loss for example, may happen over time as a byproduct of improving your digestion and cellular processes.

Remember, your digestion is literally the system that feeds every other system in the body, so there's no limit to the benefits you may experience.

It might start in your brain when you start to crave more healthy foods... Or you notice more mental energy, improved focus and clarity as your body rids itself of toxic byproducts...

You might notice a reduction in body odor, or bad breath, as your internal methane production decreases as the Archaea and other parasitic bugs are eliminated...

You might notice you feel much better after every meal, as your digestion improves and the range of foods you can eat expands, and your metabolism burns hotter and more effective at turning food into energy...

And even though many of these improvements will happen in the first month, your gut flora will continue to improve over the next 12-16 weeks. You might notice you feel like an entirely new person by that time as you experience many cascading benefits over time.

You’ll start seeing new metabolic improvements as your body begins to absorb more nutrients, increase your cellular energy, and speed up waste elimination.

Remember, the best way to see truly find out what benefits are in store for you is to just select a package below and give it a shot. You’re always protected by our industry leading 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We only sell Emma direct through this website and there’s two very important reasons why we do that.

The first is quality control.

Most people don't realize but due to the recent pandemic the FDA has not been able test products inside China.

And given the recent reports of places like China having much higher levels of mercury, arsenic, and lead, this kind of thing is completely unacceptable.

So we decided for this premium product, it must be manufactured and tested at one of the state-of-the-art FDA-registered, GMP-certified labs right here in the USA.

First, they use a technique called Infrared Spectroscopy. Not only are the ingredients tested for quality and safety, they are also tested for purity and potency as well.

We also do additional quality inspections to make sure there are no heavy metals, no allergens, contaminants, and that all ingredients meet the highest purity standards.

It's important to make sure that these ingredients retain their full potency, so that the product will actually deliver the benefits we talk about.

The second reason we only sell direct, is to keep the price affordable for our valued customers.

If we allowed Emma to be sold in the big natural food stores, the markup required would make the price at least double what it is now.

For our customers, all that extra markup makes no sense, it’s just added to subsidize the massive nationwide advertising budgets, which would be pointless since you can already order Emma from the comfort of your home directly from this website.

Also, please keep in mind that this one-time special offer is good today only.

If you leave this page and decide you're going to get it tomorrow, we can’t guarantee Emma will still be available.