Daily Digestive Supplement


The first and only Doctor-Endorsed Formula that targets microbiome imbalances and digestion-slowing bacteria at the root cause. Emma is scientifically formulated to clear bloating, ease constipation and increase gut motility to restore perfect daily poops.

Emma can help:

  • Restore digestive regularity
  • Decrease bloating and constipation
  • Reduce occasional heartburn & indigestion
  • Rebuild gut flora and gut lining
  • Soothe inflammation and irritation
  • Crush annoying cravings
  • Allow you to enjoy your favorite foods!
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Probiotics just don’t cut it
Other “remedies” just don’t cut it

Find out how tens of thousands of formerly-constipated Americans are now enjoying perfect poops without pain, strain, or dangerous enemas.

Other “remedies” just don’t cut it Our Approach
Exceptional ingredients for exceptional results
Exceptional ingredients for exceptional results

Emma unlocks the benefits of five powerhouse ingredients to re-balance your gut flora and create optimal conditions for effortless, effective digestion.

Exceptional ingredients for exceptional results See Ingredients
Emma gets to the root cause of your digestive discomfort

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